04 - Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3 Page 4 (Co

Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 4)

Reference scene: Saren Boss Fight

More flashbacks by Ashley where she remembers when she and Shepard fought Saren after Sovereign assumed direct control.

Something that I like about working on the comic is that I get to experiment a lot with things. I've been watching a lot of video on the Youtube channel Dead Meat and something that keeps popping up is the concept of practical effects vs CGI. Special effects drawn traditionally is like the practical effects and adding special effects digitally is like adding special effects using CGI. Sometimes when I draw a page, I do it with gaps and spaces knowing that "I'll fix it in post". I'll admit that it's made me a bit too lazy, sometimes, especially when I use colour. Most times it's because I'm too intimidated and scared that the unforgiving nature of traditional will result in me ruining the page. Digital gives you as many do-overs as you would like so in Page 5 I decided to go half-way and do the page using nothing by lineart and brush strokes but add rendering digitally - I ended up loving it a lot.