09 - Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3 Page 9 (Co

Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 9)

Okay. I decided to do two things on this page, compared to the previous few: I decided to ink it digitally and I decided to colour it. You'll notice the comic is inconsistent in terms of whether it's coloured or black & white and that's quite deliberate. It's really about what I'm in the mood for because I use the comic as a mechanism to facilitate drawing sessions. Instead of sitting and thinking "What do I feel like drawing today?", I pick up where I left off with the comic and explore the medium used (traditional vs. digital; coloured vs. black & white etc.) It helps keep every session fresh and kills the monotony allowing me to continue being interested in the comic instead of just slugging it out for the sake of getting a page out.

It comes back to my acceptance that this is a hobby, for me, and I need to remember that and enjoy that. It removes the pressure of being a content creator, which inevitably leads to chasing engagement stats and leads to the obligation of getting content out for content's sake. By allowing it to be a hobby, I get to draw what I want when I want how I want - I get to be selfish with my art as opposed to having to appease the whims of the market and the algorithm. I get to explore with my art, try out new things and grow. Publishing the comic is just for the joy of sharing my art with anyone who might be interested and appreciate it - it's a highly appreciated bonus and not an objective.

It's all about fun, so don't forget to have fun.