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Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 13)

This is a true story. In my first playthrough I chose Ashley because I didn't have enough red bars. I had a lot of blue and purple and I didn't quite figure out how to use powers (I was probably discouraged by the long cooldown period) and stuck to shooty shooty bang bang. This was also a side effect of coming from FPS games. So, in that spirit, I had lost Wrex on Virmire already and my Shepard was a Soldier so I was running low on Combat skills in the team. Kaidan was too blue and Ashley had the red.


I decided to get a little fancy with background characters and NPCs. Look at us go.

I just felt that it adds to the atmosphere and gives the comic more life. I also needed a change in scenery. I was getting bored with the same background. Gotta spice it up, y'know?

Always remember to have fun.