16 - Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3 Page 16 (Complete).png

Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 16)

I'm still struggling to commit to a style, in terms of colouring. One page I feel like colouring with shadows and highlights and then the next page I'm like "Nah - leave it flat". Then it's black and white. And so the song and dance continues.

This page took me a while to get into because I needed to fit the dialogue and script to reconcile to the last panel. It's an illustration I did when this chapter was a light novel but then I decided to convert the adapt into a comic. The last panel corresponded exactly with the line "No more than an intsy-wintsy microscopic speck" so I had to get from after Ashley lost her sh*t saying she didn't want to die to the last image all in on one page.

The first daft of the page wasn't inspiring me. I struggled getting into it but then I came up with the second draft and thumbnail and felt a little more motivated to draw it. This is why we thumbnail comic pages - you can identify when something is not working before you commit heavily into the page. I liked the focus on the Memorial Wall to give a break from constantly staring at Commander Shepard. I specifically focused on Kaidan Alenko's name to keep the subject matter of the discussion on him.