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Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 17)

The Mass Effect 1 Squad (sans Kaidan and/or Ashley). I wanted to add one last item at the bottom of the Normandy flying away from Virmire as the nuke goes off. As I put the page together, though, I saw that it doesn't fit and would have been excessive without really adding anything crucial. Although I believe in "show, don't tell", sometimes you don't have to show everything if it means there is noise.

With this page, I decided to try out the style of going straight from pencils to colours. I used it before in Chapter 4 (you'll see) but it was digital pencils. This time, I used traditional pencils, kept them tight and then added contrast before colouring.

All in all, I really love this page and love how it turned out. I finally figured out my scanner and realised I was scanning using "Text document" mode. When I changed it to "Photo", I felt like an idiot and then had a better production process.