20 - Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3 Page 20 (Complete).png

Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 20)

What goes around comes around... Ashley finally decided to come to the party and fire back.

This page was challenging to make because I had to reconcile where Page 19 left off, the script and the last panel of this page. I knew I wanted to use the last image because it was a sketch when I was making this chapter as a light novel. I didn't have enough content for it to work on Page 21 without Page 21 looking empty but there was a lot of dialogue to fit on this page. Luckily I thought of using the first panel to take the large share of the dialogue by doing an external shot of the Normandy and floating speech bubbles around empty space.

I just love the last planet with how Ashley Williams is all up in Commander Shepard's face. I decided to emphasise it even more by literally putting the speech bubble about him being arrogant all up in his face. I love small little symbolic things like that to emphasise the storytelling of the art. It's just such fun to add such little details.

I am liking my colouring style and think it's coming along pretty well. I decided to experiment some more and add some texture to Shepard's shirt and Ashley's armour. I also kept to a colour scheme that nods to the whle Paragon/ Renegade system.

Renegade Shepard is an a**hole but damn him if he doesn't look good.