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Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 26)

The first time I played Mass Effect I didn't know the game mechanics properly. It was the first RPG that I played so I didn't know that there is thing called "Interacting with your crew and get to know them". As a result, I missed the romance option with Ashley and Liara (and lost Wrex). It sucked but thems the rules.

That's a wrap for this Chapter, good people. It is done and dusted and I am really happy with how it turned out - especially the last few pages. I think it's in those pages that I found myself, from an artistic perspective. It's where I found my style and my work process and then really went in with it.

My favourite part of this ending is that the last two images of this chapter are a mirror of the first two images of the chapter and I deliberately made Page 26 a replica of Page 1. I did it to show that it went full-circle but, where it started off hostile and uneasy (with a Renegade red tint), it ended with closure and friendship (with a Paragon blue tint). On Page 1, Ashley held an instrument of war whereas she closes holding a token of peace. Where she started off with "We nearly killed each other", she ends off essentially saying "We nearly loved each other (during Mass Effect 1).


The contrast between these two pages is something that I am quite proud of and this chapter is something I am uber proud of.


I think I'll take a little breathing time and then I can move on to Chapter 4 (which is essentially ready).


What a 2 year ride.