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Chapter 4: Where's Your Head At (Cover)

Where were you when this song destroyed the world? As the kids like to say: This song still slaps!

So, I started drawing Chapter 4 almost exactly four years ago. It was 20 April 2018 when I started it and 28 April 2018 when I finished it. Needless to say, my art has come a very long way since then and this is where the fun part comes in. Chapter 3 is the most recent chapter that I've drawn but Chapter 4 is the latest chapter I'm posting. In the interest of the comic being a journal of my artistic growth and progress, I made myself a simple set of rules regarding Chapter 4:

  1. I can't edit the illustration and redraw it.

  2. I can edit the contrast of the pencils.

  3. I can colour it.

These were very hard rules to follow as I looked back at the pages of Chapter 4 and thought "Daaaaamn!" Alas, dems d' rules and I had to stick to them (except once).

I have a fondness for Chapter 4. It's actually where the comic started to get a sense of direction when I was working on it. The challenge was always "Where to from ME3" and I was actually glad I found a way. Now, the tricky part is that I worked on Chapter 4 during my phase of Jack being waifu and being obsessed with her. As I grew older, though, I really saw the wholesome beauty of Tali and her cinnamon roll heart (now my handwriting). In my past two playthroughs, I've really struggled to connect with the feels I had for Jack - Tali is where it's at because she reminds me so much of my wife's loving and nurturing nature. That's where the problem came in: In Chapter 4, I assumed a Jack romance but I think I'm going to proceed with a Tali romance because I can probably write it better.

Then again, Jack does represent my wife's fighting persona pretty well. When she decides she's fighting everyone and the entire world, she's more Jack than she is sweet ol' Tali.

Let's see where this goes.