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Chapter 4: Where's Your Head At (Page 4)

So...some rules were broken. I did this page (full colours) years ago and have been waiting to catch up to this point. I know I'm supposed to stick to some random "Do not remaster" rule but...yeah...I amended Commander Shepard's skin colour. The first draft was more my skin tone as opposed to my son and it was way off, compared to the previous pages so far. I also lightened up the pages a little because the previous versions were really dark and I revised the dialogue just a tad.


Basically, I broke the rules...and I regret nothing.

I liked this page and personality of Jack that I brought out. During my first run of the original trilogy of Mass Effect I was obsessed with Jack because she was such an angry soul (I also used to be an angry soul so I related). When she told Shepard "Hey Shepard, no one's ever asked me about this sh*t. So f*ck you - and thanks for asking", I immediately though "Yep. She's a real angry lady."

The dialogue was supposed to catch that rude level that Jack goes to. She really is a person who needs therapy.