Lost Scroll - Chapter 4 Page 8 (Complete).png

Chapter 4: Where's Your Head At (Page 8)

Time was that this page was just inks but with this remaster of the comic, I did not like that black and white version. I was curious what colours would look like. I think the page came out simple with no uber sophisticated take. Shepard's cabin is also empty and doesn't have the sofa and coffee table but I'm chalking that to "After the Suicide Mission, a lot of furniture got busted up".

I still think it as a bummer that Bioware didn't include some romance characters from ME2 into ME3 so you could continue the relationship. In the recent playthrough, I was trying to romance Jack, again (for old time's sake), but knowing it would not be a long-term relationship really turned me off and I defaulted back to my Tali-beans.

I guess it's better than my femsheps who romanced Jacob. That dude did you greezy.