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Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 1)

As usual, spoiler alert if you haven't played the game. Visiting Ashley and stuff was something that I did because I thought I was being a good leader and friend. It turned out it was necessary if you wanted to avoid a tragedy in that stand-off on The Citadel.

I saw a post in the Mass Effect Group on Facebook talking about how people felt about Ashley/ Kaidan being made Spectre. One of the options was "It's an insult to Anderson". The reason this was an option was because Anderson had a shot at being a Spectre but was sabotaged by Saren so he was rejected by The Council. This was covered in the book "Mass Effect Retribution" by Drew Karpyshyn (a novel that I really enjoyed and I'm not a novel person).

I reflected on this one for quite some time. Ashley and Kaidan are incredibly polarising characters who get a lot of strong emotions against and strong defence in response but I never thought their being awarded the position of Spectre was such a contentious issue.

Do you want to know my take? No? Well too bad because I'm giving it anyway.

They deserve the position. Whilst Councilor Udina was probably working an angle, that doesn't take away what both had done. They were decorated soldiers who contributed to bringing down Saren, stopping Sovereign and saving The Citadel in Mass Effect 1 (in case you're wondering, I saved The Council). After that, they continued to represent humanity and serve in The System Alliance whilst SOME people decided to take a 2 year nap. They even got promoted while SOME people were having a 6 month vacation, kicking their feet up.

Given these accomplishments, I really can't see how I can say they didn't deserve the award. They've done a good job and I want to celebrate their achievement.

Well done, Ashley/ Kaidan. You're damned good soldiers.