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Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 2)

I took liberties with this one. Over and above the lighting and colour scheme, I gave Ashley amour even though she wasn't wearing one in the game during this scene. I did it purely because I wanted to.

I enjoyed playing with colour schemes on this page. Normally, I tend towards the realism side of the spectrum and try replicate the base colours of the source material (i.e. the game). So I would use colours and lighting in the Normandy (Panels 1 to 4) using the specific room in Mass Effect 3. The scene in the splash image was in broad daylight on The Citadel so I would have gone with a natural light and a rich blue sky. That's what this guy would have normally done - normally.


Something ticked, with this page, and I decided to play with colour theory, a little. Bear in mind I am learning as I go with colour so professional colourists will look at this and think "What the hell is he doing?" I'm having discovering and growing as I go, though, and am having fun with it.


The first thing to drive me was Ashley's armour, which was blue in the game. In my playthroughs, I liked a maroon colour for Shepard's armour. This kind of no-brainered me to use the Paragon/Renegade theme constantly used in the game. red and blue are also two colours traditionally used in combination in such a way that they register psychologically as opposites. For those reasons, I made Maru's armour red in the shot where they're having a stand off.

In the present, on the Normandy though, I wanted to signify that they are no longer opposing forces but they aren't complementary or matching either. I went with a yellow shirt for Maru because yellow falls between the warm side of blue and red on the colour wheel, representing Maru warmly meeting her halfway.

With the Normandy in Panels 1 and 2, I first went with grey but then changed to a dark desaturated blue. My son  loves the colour blue and I think he's infected me with it. The shade of blue is meant to instill calm but also keep the coldness in the room. Having seen how much blue was going around, that influenced the background for the splash image. I went for a purple/ violet tinge which works well because it's warmer than blue to represent the hot sticky situation of them nearly killing each other.

Councillor Udina I didn't go for anything other than "use the colours in the game during that scene". Yeah - not everything has to be profound.

This was really really fun to go with. Now I see why so many artists and friends love colouring their artwork. It has thought and poetry to it.