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Chapter 4: Where's Your Head At (Page 1)

The greatest lie this comic ever told was that my Shepard's fish survived. Forgetting that they keep never making it to the Suicide Mission because I keep forgetting to feed them, they wouldn't have survived that destruction of the Normandy during that final run. Still, though: A man can dream.

Okay. So, I know the rule was that I couldn't touch the pencils and edit them...but Shepard's face in Panel 4 was to' up from the flo' up. I had to at least fix the eye alignment and that's all I fixed. I promise. I didn't chance anything else. It was too hard to leave. Cut me some slack.

Anyway, the colouring style changed again (of course) as this version felt like it would compliment the illustration better. I decided to go straight from pencil to colour as a deliberate stylistic choice and definitely not because I was too lazy to ink it. It was...ahem...deliberate.