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Chapter 4: Where's Your Head At (Page 2)

There are three types of Mass Effect fans:

  • Those that entertain The Indoctrination Theory;

  • Those that reject The Indoctrination Theory; and

  • Those who have no idea what The Indoctrination Theory is.

I'm not hear to have a debate back and forth regarding if The Indoctrination Theory is cannon and if Bioware denied it being their original intention. I don't care about that - this is my comic and this is the direction this loony writer is headed.

Did you ever wonder why there were those hazy oily shadows in the previous chapter? Well, now you know why. I liked The Indoctrination Theory when I watched that documentary - not because it convinced me but more because it intrigued me. I thought "Hmmm...what can we do with this?" It was a nice fan theory that I could play with and it came in handy for me to create stakes. I've already written future chapters so I am just so excited to show you where this goes (assuming I live long enough to draw those chapters).

Now things are getting fun.