Lost Scroll - Chapter 4 Page 10 (Complete).png

Chapter 4: Where's Your Head At (Page 10)

I cheated, again, and changed his face a little. The alignment of his eyes were off so I had to "lasso and move" a little.

Yesterday, I found out about what happens to Joker's sister in Mass Effect 3 cannon and it seriously bummed me out. Of all the times I've played, I've never come across that but now I'm going to be looking out for that piece. It was pretty sh*tty and I have to see it for myself. 

So things are going to slow down, a little. It's Winter out here in "Not So" Sunny South Africa and "Winter + Mental Illness = Gonna Have a Bad Time". To conserve mental vitality and stop myself from becoming a mess, I am going to scale down on "non-critical functions". Frankly, I'm surprised I lasted this long, this winter, and have been able to stay out of bed and out of the bedroom but I think I've overran my budget on that and my brain is very focused on letting me know.

With that, though, Chapter 5 is going to be a real banger. I added a lot more action to it and broke away from the dialogue heavy scenes of the first four chapters. It also includes a krogan so you know things are going to get real.