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Andromeda Chapter 1: Don't Do Anything Stupid (Page 5)

I like the effects of Cora's biotics in this one. Biotics are normally depicted as blue in the Mass Effect universe but I took inspiration from the first time Cora uses her biotics to protect the team in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It was a purple colour which I found interesting but fresh.

I really struggled to connect with Ryder, during my first playthrough (and about a quarter of my second one). He was just constantly making light of everything and didn't show an indication that he appreciated the gravity of the situation. Everything was "an adventure" and "fun" but I wished there was a sense of weight to him. I wanted to capture that moment of having to switch from being the lighthearted character he was made to be into someone who can actually have depth. I'd like to think I got close.