10 - Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3 Page 10 (C

Chapter 3: It Festers (Page 10)

I cannot tell you way, but drawing The Normandy always stresses me out. I get anxiety from the weird panic of "how do I draw this incredibly complex thing?" I've simplified the design and decided to add it to the comic again and I was really happy with it. The panel allowed the comic to breath following the claustrophobic experience of being stuck in the same room as these two for about six pages. The inspiration to use a graceful hover of The Normandy, as opposed to showing it dart through space like in the first panel of the chapter of the second last page of Chapter 2, came when I was looking through references of it and I noticed how most images of the ship had it gliding in space in a majestic flow. It gives a sense of tranquility that I hoped to capture in this shot.

I also experimented with the concept of colour palettes and colour schemes and stuck with a blue/ grey palette. The result is that I enjoyed the colours in this page more than the previous one. A friend of mine asked me how close digital drawing simulates traditional and I shared with him that the one thing digital drawing does is give you the liberty to get stupid and experiment. The hard shadows on Maru's face are an example of that. I typically don't play with hard shadows on faces but doing it digitally allowed me to just throw shadows and see what works. The hard shadows bring out the sinister look of his Renegade look compared to when I draw this face completely lit up. And in case you're thinking there are serious continuity errors, I know. They are deliberate and building up to something.

This page took me quite a while to take out but I enjoyed taking my time with it and enjoying the process of making it. I'm now going to breath for a bit and then will get to Page 11.

Don't forget to have fun.